Get Involved

Thank you so much for joining this movement. Our campaigns and their successes rely on passionate individuals who go out to their communities and connect supporters with these issues. 

There are three non-financial ways that you can be involved with us in Ohio's movement toward renewable energy:

1. Sign up for email updates. If it suits you better, you can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

This sounds like a simple task, but the first important thing you'll need is to become familiar with our campaigns and following along for events in your community.

2. Become a volunteer with us.

3. Spread the word about the campaign with our field canvassing crew.

In this option, you'll have the biggest impact because this crew is what drives our campaigns forward every day. Plus, you'll have opportunities to advance your position in the work or earn college credit through an internship.

If you have any questions on other ways you might be able to help, introduce yourself by sending an email to