Power a Clean Future in Your Community

Across the nation, we’re seeing communities determine what’s best for themselves when the people at the top won’t listen. Multiple states have passed aggressive clean energy laws and pledged to dramatically reduce their carbon emissions. Through local, community-driven change, we can make it happen in Ohio, too.

Some Ohio cities of all political stripes have already taken steps towards a clean energy future. Cincinnati, Cleveland, Toledo and Lakewood have all committed to meeting a goal of 100% renewable energy by 2050 or sooner. Athens has declared a climate emergency and the city’s voters approved a carbon fee on electric bills. Portsmouth has a pledge to reduce carbon emissions 30% by 2030. 

As the grassroots engine of Power A Clean Future Ohio (PCFO), Ohio Citizen Action is proud to introduce you to the nonpartisan organization that works with local elected leaders and community members to develop and implement proven climate solutions. Now is the time for local communities to move Ohio forward. Ohio has the opportunity to generate billions in economic investment, create thousands of new jobs, and improve our health, environment, and air quality. By embracing an affordable clean energy future, we also address inequities, particularly in disproportionately impacted communities. Currently, more than one third of Ohioans live in a PCFO community. Check if your town is on the list. 

Help us organize in your neighborhood by taking this survey

Also, write or email a letter to your mayor

Urge them to have your city join Power a Clean Future Ohio.

Get your letter started with these talking points:

  • How would cheaper energy bills and increased renewable energy options benefit you and your family?

  • How will reducing carbon emissions locally improve life for your family?

  • Why do you want your city to join the Power A Clean Future Ohio campaign and reduce carbon emissions in Ohio?

  • Encourage your mayor to commit your city or town to reducing carbon emissions at least 30% by 2030.

Remind your mayor of the benefits of joining PCFO:

  • Access to resources to support your city’s clean air strategies

  • Implementation of a fleet analysis, to spot efficiencies and opportunities for cost savings in your city’s clean air strategies

  • Equity coaching, to ensure solutions benefit the entire community

  • Build more renewable energy locally

  • Create new career opportunities for local residents in the renewable energy, energy efficiency, and electric vehicle industries

  • Implement equitable energy policy to support frontline communities

  • Reduce energy waste in homes, workplaces, and government operations

  • Provide and preserve quality green space for residents that also serve as carbon sinks.