In spring of 2019, Ohio Citizen Action Education Fund joined with thousands of energy consumers and ratepayers from across Ohio to launch Ohio Consumers Power Alliance, a non-partisan, statewide consumer advocacy alliance focused on keeping electricity rates low by diversifying Ohio’s energy portfolio. 

The Alliance is committed to providing our members with information about energy policy activity within the legislature, at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, and in their local communities in order to offer Ohioans the opportunities they have been missing to share their thoughts with their elected officials and other decision-makers.

Ohio Consumers Power Alliance also works closely with Power A Clean Future Ohio, a bipartisan organization that works with mayors, council members and other local leaders to get as close as possible to eliminating carbon emissions in our communities.

"We formed this group because for far too long the needs of the consumers have been largely ignored when it comes to energy matters. Decisions about energy and electric costs have been made by legislators and the special interests who are supporting those legislators. It is now time for consumers to have a way to voice their opinions on these critical matters."

Rachael Belz, Executive Director of Ohio Citizen Action and Ohio Consumers Power Alliance

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