Professional Grassroots Outreach Through Ohio Citizen Action

Ohio Citizen Action is the premier grassroots mobilization team in Ohio and the Midwest, with a large and active membership. The size and engagement of our membership is attributed to our professional field (door-to-door) and phone canvass staff.

Ohio Citizen Action canvassers have been knocking on doors in Ohio since 1977 and engaging our members via phone calls since 1983.

Since 2000, Ohio Citizen Action has contracted with a variety of local, state and national groups for outreach projects including:

Your list or ours

Depending upon your organization’s resources and your campaign’s needs, Ohio Citizen Action can contact your existing supporters anywhere in the nation or reach out with your message to our own members in Ohio.

Specific projects have included:

  • Direct and immediate turnout phone calls for all types of public hearings, community engagements or organizational events
  • Citizen advocacy for local or national legislation – including direct “patch-through” (c)3 or (c)4 phone calls to legislators’ offices
  • Basic training for volunteers or staff in field and phone outreach and fundraising
  • Volunteer development – including helping your volunteers convert online actions into real world actions such as turnout for rallies, public testimony and letters-to-the-editor
  • Promoting ballot initiatives

Jared Saylor, EarthJustice

“When decision makers in Washington are faced with important environmental protections, they need to hear from their constituents. Earthjustice has been proud to partner with Ohio Citizen Action to help elevate the voices of those who value clean air, clean water and public health. Together, we have bolstered important environmental causes in Washington and made sure that our supporters are sending a message to Congress and the White House to protect our environment.”

 – Jared Saylor, Campaign Director, EarthJustice


Trish Demeter, Ohio Environmental Council

“Ohio Citizen Action has been such a reliable source for helping the OEC carry out phone-banking projects. The staff are super professional and knowledgeable, and because their phone canvassers know Ohio environmental issues well, the contacts they make with targeted citizens is very high quality. When campaign needs change quickly, as they often do, the OCA staff are responsive and nimble. They provide useful feedback and help to troubleshoot problems to ensure we meet our short term campaign goals, as well as long-term goals to build greater public support for environmental protection.”

 Trish Demeter, Managing Director, Energy & Clean Air Programs, Ohio Environmental Council.


We determine price on a case-by-case basis, weighing factors such as the scope and duration of the project, the quality of the contact information we receive, whether our own members are contacted and the compatibility of the project with Ohio Citizen Action’s own mission.

Ohio Citizen Action reserves the right to decline requests which are incompatible with our mission or which conflict with our own use of our human resources.

For more information, contact Melissa English, Deputy Director, 513-221-2100.

Ohio Citizen Action is designated as a 501 (c)(4), non tax-exempt organization by the Internal Revenue Service.  Ohio Citizen Action can be contracted to do outreach consistent with 501 (c) (3) regulations, as well.