Repeal HB6

Passage of HB6 was bought and paid for to the tune of $60 million in payola and bribes --  and it still only passed by one vote.

It was one of the dirtiest campaigns we've ever seen, pushing an expensive, dirty energy bailout onto Ohio consumers. We're not surprised this particular bit of corporate welfare slid through by greasing palms.

Ohio taxpayers should not be saddled with this corrupt policy and the years of higher electric bills and pollution that come with it. Bribery and greed must not be rewarded. HB6 was a bad idea then, and it's a bad idea now.

Ohio Citizen Action calls on the Ohio General Assembly to immediately repeal this corrupt law, and for Governor DeWine to support its rollback.

This corruption at the statehouse invalidates the legislature’s vote on the bailout.

Government accountability is a big part of our mission at Ohio Citizen Action. We always put legislation through the "smell test" and HB 6 stank all the way through:

  • it was initially sold as a "clean air bill", but eventually bailed out two coal plants built before the Clean Air Act;
  • Householder initially predicted the bill would pass in mere weeks, but eventually organized opposition from OCA and members like you was so great it passed by just one vote;
  • when the referendum effort to repeal the law gained momentum, it was killed by a combination of false, inflammatory and bigoted mail and ads, petition "blockers" and an unfairly short time to gather signatures.

To its backers, HB 6 was always about the money and we still don't know where the tens of millions of dollars spent to pass the bill came from. Now we learn of an alleged $60 million influence peddling scandal over the law, involving Householder, who now faces 20 years in prison. 

Ohio consumers should not be saddled with this expensive, dirty energy bailout and the years of higher electric bills and pollution that come with it.