Upcoming events 👇

December 9 Statehouse Demonstration

It's past time that Ohio lawmakers repeal ALL of HB 6!

Law makers must pass the bipartisan SB 117 and HB 351, which would repeal the coal bailouts AND provide a refund to Ohio consumers -- not to mention help reverse some of the damage done by the corrupt HB 6.

What: Demonstration to repeal OVEC coal plant bailouts by passing SB 117 and HB 351

Where: High Street sidewalk at the Ohio Statehouse, 1 Capitol Square, Columbus, OH 43215

When: Noon to 1pm, Thursday December 9

Bring your home made signs, dress in festive holiday attire, bring friends and neighbors! If we get 240 people, standing 10 feet apart, we can surround Capitol Square and really make a statement!

RSVP at https://www.ohiocitizen.org/december9 so we can get a good count!


Past event highlights 👇

Duke Energy Accountability Coalition webinar


Please join us and the Duke Energy Accountability Coalition for a free public webinar to hear from leading advocates for environmental and social justice who will testify to how Duke Energy's policies and practices have polluted and financially punished its low-income ratepayers and communities of color throughout its vast six-state service area.

  • Location: Online webinar

  • Date: Friday, January 29, 2021

  • Time: 9:30-11:00 a.m. EST

Moving Forward on Ohio Energy Issues in 2021: HB 6 and Beyond

Our latest installment in a series of conversations with OCA Executive Director Rachael Belz, "Moving Forward on Ohio Energy Issues in 2021: HB6 and Beyond." The conversation featured special guest and advocate for equity and sustainability SeMia Bray of Black Environmental Leaders.

What’s next for HB6? Will the tainted law be repealed, and why is Ohio’s energy policy so riddled with corruption? What’s next for sustainable, equitable energy efforts beyond HB6? Get the inside scoop and ideas for action from two leading experts.

Utility Corruption Town Hall

The $61 million HB 6 scandal and ensuing FBI investigation have shown us that utility corruption and greed run rampant in our state. But now there's an opportunity to send a message that our state must prioritize what everyday Ohioans need over the wants of energy companies.
The former chairman of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO), Sam Randazzo, resigned after the FBI raided his home. Now there’s an opening at the PUCO, the body tasked with regulating private utilities in Ohio. The PUCO’s impact ranges from the status of shutoff moratoriums to the approval of energy projects in our state, and its next commissioner will be influencing utilities and their customers for years to come.
Once we've discussed our vision for Ohio's next commissioner, we'll lay out concrete action steps that we can all take to make this vision a reality!
Register for the Dec. 10th meeting at http://tiny.cc/utilityjusticetownhall. Hope to see you there!

Ohio Citizen Action Grassroots Power Push

We're asking for YOUR help this Thanksgiving Eve. On Thanksgiving Eve November 25th, 2020 at 2:55 PM EST Ohio Citizen Action will publish an important video message. This message will detail some of the work OCA does and serve as a fundraising vehicle to help us meet our year-end fundraising goal. The goal of this Push Page is to sign up 200 supporters to receive a text message with a link to this video on our Facebook page at 3 PM est on Thanksgiving Eve and immediately share that video. It's simple- we figure your friends and social network care about clean air and water, good government and equitable energy solutions just like you. When you share our message and add a kind comment, it boosts our reach far beyond where we can get without you.

Click here to learn more and opt-in with your cell number to receive our People Push text at 3 PM EST on Thanksgiving Eve and you can immediately share our video message. This will be the only notification you'll receive for this Push and your personal information will be erased afterwards. THANK YOU! 

Public hearing for HB 6

We and our allies are putting together a series of virtual public hearings for the community to tell our legislators why we need HB 6 repealed. You can watch all the hearings recorded live on our #RepealHB6 youtube channel.

Meeting the Energy Needs: Today and Tomorrow

Thursday, October 1st, 2020 Ohio Citizen Action's Anastazia Vanisko joins SeMia Brae of Black Environmental Leaders and Kim Foreman of Environmental Health Watch in conversation between Northeast Ohio residents about energy needs, both today and in the future, as well as the impact clean energy has on them. From the health benefits to the impact on community health, wealth, and wellbeing, moving towards clean and renewable energy sources can promote equitable outcomes and improve our daily lives. Watch the youtube video here.

No Shutoffs car rally

In the middle of a pandemic, utility companies are still shutting off people's water, power, and internet, and our elected leaders are letting it happen. Across the country, state governments and public utilities commissions have taken action to end shutoffs so that no one will be without such basic necessities, but in Ohio our leaders are continuing to let utilities like FirstEnergy dictate our statewide policies at the expense of thousands of Ohio residents. On September 26th, a coalition to extend the utility moratorium came together and surrounded the Ohio Statehouse in their cars to demand protection against utility shutoffs. You can watch the speakers on OCA's facebook live here.

Call to action with Rachael Belz - Repeal HB 6

On September Ohio Citizen Action Executive Director discusses what actions must be taken to #RepealHB6 in Ohio. Rachael Belz explains in detail and depth every piece of corruption that played in to the passage of House Bill 6. Watch the hour-long video below, or find it on our youtube channel. 

Conversations with Rachael Belz - Earth Day 50th Anniversary

April 22, 2020 Special guest Keya Chatterjee of the U.S. Climate Action Network and Ohio Citizen Action Executive Director Rachael Belz discuss COVID-19, organizing, and climate justice to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Find it on youtube!