Win for reproductive rights as Ohio voters reject effort to make it harder to amend state constitution

CINCINNATI -- "The rejection is a major win for the One Person, One Vote campaign, a broad coalition of good-government, labor and environmental groups that aggressively campaigned across the state urging people to reject the amendment. The contest was expected to be a low-turnout midsummer affair, but turnout actually surged during the election. The result is also a blow to Richard Uihlein, a GOP megadonor, who spent millions trying to get the amendment to pass.

'When they forced Issue 1 on to the ballot, they awakened a sleeping giant and unleashed a movement. And that movement isn’t going away tomorrow. It will continue to build and grow and to carry us through to victories in November and beyond. We thank Ohio voters for doing their homework and for going out to vote "no" on Issue 1,' said Rachael Belz, CEO of Ohio Citizen Action, which worked to reject the amendment."

-- Sam Levine, The Guardian

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