The election that could determine the future of democracy in Ohio

Ohio will be voting on a measure that makes it harder to amend the constitution in a high-stakes election – and the Republican proposal is ‘minority rule’, experts say

WESTLAKE -- "One hot evening in July, Sarah Strinka, a 26-year-old canvasser with Ohio Citizen Action, one of the main groups opposing Issue 1, crisscrossed lawns in Westlake, a Cleveland suburb, in tie-dye sandals, making sure that people knew the election was happening on 8 August and trying to persuade them to vote against it. Nearly all of the voters who came to their doors that evening said they planned to vote against the change.

'It seems like a very dirty trick to try and not get a major issue like this pushed through in an August election,' said Matt Jackson-McCabe, one of the voters who Strinka talked to. 'I was like, "This is bullshit."'

'It’s like pulling the wool over the people’s eyes,' said Daniel Hayden, 76, another voter in Westlake. 'Republicans – they want to take away the control, to control everything. They want to take control away from the people.'

Not everyone Strinka spoke with was entirely convinced. “It’s my understanding, because I’m Republican, that this is a Democratic-led issue. Correct?” one man said in his driveway. Strinka pointed out that there was actually bipartisan opposition to the amendment. “It impacts every single issue moving forward. I know a lot of people are talking about issues for November, but this could impact everything,” she said.

The man said he would do more research."

-- Sam Levine, The Guardian

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