Rachael Belz statement on Issue 1 victory

For more than 100 years, Ohioans from across the political spectrum have utilized the right to amend our state Constitution via the petition process. This tool of direct democracy equips us with the ability to check the power of our state government. It should never be taken for granted or seen as a tactic that can be modified on a whim. Yet that is exactly what supporters of Issue 1 aimed to do.

Issue 1 was a blatant attempt by its supporters to control both the policy agenda and the process of direct democracy. But it was met with a groundswell of opposition at every turn. Since May 11th, the Ohio Citizen Action canvassing team knocked on more than 74,000 doors across Ohio. We were just one piece of a statewide, coordinated effort to take our message directly to voters at their doors, where they live.

Every day, we had conversations with Ohioans who were angry about this desperate attempt by the legislature and Secretary of State LaRose to change the rules to push forward an unpopular political agenda. They were angry that Issue 1 supporters thought they could sneak this power grab right past voters in a low-turnout, off-year August special election. But these supporters underestimated the people of Ohio. When they forced Issue 1 onto the ballot, they awakened a sleeping giant and unleashed a movement. And that movement isn’t going away tomorrow. It will continue to build and grow and to carry us through to victories in November and beyond.

We thank Ohio voters for doing their homework and for going out to vote No on Issue 1.

Rachael Belz, Ohio Citizen Action CEO