Editorial: Plenty of work for legislators before the year ends, but will they do it?

State task force recommends schools educate all grade ...


COLUMBUS - "Ohio lawmakers could do a lot to restore an election-weary public’s faith in government by getting some important work done before the term ends on Dec. 31.

The so-called lame duck session typically is crowded with last-gasp attempts to get bills passed, including those that for one reason or another got little attention over the previous two years.  It could be especially busy this time around because the coronavirus pandemic interfered with legislative work for much of the spring and summer. 

We’re glad to note that legislative leaders seem focused, among other priorities, on a capital works budget, school funding, criminal sentencing reform and repeal of the House Bill 6 nuclear plant bailout. We’re disappointed, yet again, that they’re unlikely to take any meaningful action to curb gun violence.

The simplest item of business should be repealing HB 6. It’s simple because it clearly is the product of unprecedented corruption: a U.S. District Attorney in July revealed an investigation that charged then-House Speaker Larry Householder and four associates with bribery and racketeering. Since then two defendants have pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with the ongoing investigation."

--Editorial Board, The Columbus Dispatch

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