Ohio Republicans’ Devious Plot to Stop Voters From Legalizing Abortion

The fight over reproductive rights in the Buckeye State begins with an August special election on an obscure ballot measure.

COLUMBUS -- "Kyle Marcum, the political director for Ohio Citizen Action, told me that the response from voters ahead of the election 'blew me away.' Marcum’s is one of dozens of organizations in the nonpartisan One Person, One Vote coalition, which opposes Issue One. Marcum said that, since May 11, groups in that campaign have knocked on 40,000 doors and spoken to more than 10,000 likely voters about the August election.

'When we’re out there talking to voters, knocking on doors, and making phone calls, nearly every single person has either heard of Issue One and is excited to vote against it, or once they hear about it, they understand that this is really an effort by the state legislature to take away their right to put up a citizen ballot initiative,' Marcum said. He added that his organization was also reminding Ohioans to bring their photo ID to their polling place, as a recently enacted law requires such identification for in-person voting.

-- Grace Segers, The New Republic

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