Ohio House won’t cough up some HB 6 documents under federal subpoena

Rep. Jamie Callender received $12,700 in campaign contributions

from FirstEnergy and was a sponsor of HB6. 

COLUMBUS -- "The Ohio House has turned over thousands of pages of records concerning House Bill 6 under a federal subpoena, but withheld 30 documents — claiming they are exempt due to attorney-client and legislative privilege.

The House released some of the records Thursday in response to the subpoena and public-records requests from news organizations, but still is compiling more records for release to the U.S. Department of Justice.

...Many of the withheld records involve communications between House lawyers and Reps. Jamie Callender, R-Concord, and Shane WIlkin, R-Hillsboro, and their aides. They were co-sponsors of HB 6.

In a tweet on Friday afternoon, Callender said he notified House officials that he waived privilege and to release the documents involving him. 'I waive those privileges and urge House leadership to help us give as much info as possible to the FBI and to the public,' he wrote."

-- Randy Ludlow, Columbus Dispatch

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