OCA Member: Ms. Ena

Before they were all claimed, we had No on Issue 1 signs at the Cincinnati Ohio Citizen Action office. I was responsible for ensuring people could pick them up and typically made appointments to distribute them to people between my zoom calls and other appointments.

Ms. Ena was different though. She got word we had signs and emailed a request that someone bring her one because, "at 96, I don't drive anymore". Having been raised to respect my elders, I knew I had to fulfill her request, so I grabbed a sign and hopped into my car.

When I knocked at her door, I could see her sitting at her kitchen table in front of a gorgeous painting of former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She was delighted I took the time to bring her sign, because as she told me, "I've worked all my life for women's issues" and she recognized Issue 1 for the attack on both voter rights and women's rights that it is.

It was then her long experience as an activist really shone though. She asked me not to put the sign in her own yard, because her street saw little traffic. "Put it in the yard of the apartment building I own on Springfield Pike," she said and I nodded at her wise strategy. 

Probably the best part of my job is meeting OCA members. They never fail to energize and inspire me. Ms. Ena certainly did. - Melissa English, Deputy Director Ohio Citizen Action.