Nuclear Power Plant Bailout At The Center Of Federal Corruption Case

US Attorney David M. DeVillers outlines the case against Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder (R - Glenford) at a press conference in Columbus, Ohio USA on July 21, 2020.

COLUMBUS -- "House Bill 6 is the sweeping energy bill that not only created a ten-year, $1.5 billion subsidy for Ohio’s two nuclear power plants by increasing everyone’s electric bills. It also created subsidies for struggling coal plants, rolled back pro-renewable energy policies, and eliminated energy efficiency standards.

"We are not commenting on the wisdom of House Bill 6," DeVillers says. "It's clear from the affidavit that House Bill 6 was passed with millions of dollars, tens of millions dollars that were hidden from the people of the state of Ohio."

But the bill was hotly contested in 2019.

Two of the defendants, Borges and Cespedes, were both registered lobbyists for FirstEnergy Solutions, the energy generation company that owns Ohio's two nuclear power plants, Davis-Besse (Oak Harbor) and Perry (Perry). FirstEnergy Solutions was renamed Energy Harbor when it came out of bankruptcy earlier this year splitting from FirstEnergy Corporation.

Cespedes pushed for the bill, while Borges' consulting company helped fight back against a petition to repeal the law after it was passed."

-- Jo Ingles and Andy Chow, Ohio Statehouse News Bureau

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