No comment is NOT acceptable, Gov. DeWine

Another installment in the Crime with DeWine corruption saga! Ohio Citizen Action’s Crime with DeWine campaign released the latest video in the series.

The new video stars real Ohioans sending a message to their Governor. Consumers are picking up the phone to call Governor Mike DeWine, urging him to stop taking campaign contributions from electric utilities and clean up the corruption at the PUCO. His silence speaks volumes. 

As the House Bill 6 scandal nears its second anniversary, we wonder what it will take to get the DeWine Administration to stand up for Ohioans and FINALLY change the culture of corruption in Ohio politics.We hope you will take a moment to watch this week’s Crime with DeWine video release.

We hope you will take a moment to call Governor DeWine and leave a message of your own

(614) 644-4357

Even better, send us a video of you doing it (upload here)!

Power A Clean Future Ohio in the New York Times

The New York Times highlighted the work we are doing in Ohio with Power a Clean Future Ohio.  The path forward in Ohio on climate change is local. Our cities and counties are the answer to increase and accelerate their climate actions. 

We won't solve this global issue rooted in environmental & economic justice without putting local solutions first.