Just vote already! Repeal ALL of HB6

It's past time that Ohio lawmakers repeal ALL of HB 6

Ohio legislators have a golden opportunity to finally repeal all of House Bill 6 by ending the consumer bailout of the two outdated, polluting OVEC coal plants -- one of which is in Indiana. This coal giveaway was added at the last minute to House Bill 6 and is costing Ohio consumers $287,671 every day

FirstEnergy customers will pay for the OVEC plants with their monthly electric bills through 2030 despite not using any of their generated electricity.

Lawmakers must pass SB 117 and HB 351, which would repeal the coal bailouts, provide a refund to Ohio consumers and help reverse some of the damage done by the corruption of HB 6.

Both bills were introduced by Republican legislators and have bipartisan support. Governor Mike Dewine has also said he supports the repeal of the OVEC bailout.

It’s time for our legislators to JUST VOTE ALREADY on these two bills!

Please urge your legislator to repeal the OVEC bailouts