FirstEnergy admitted to funding Generation Now in federal court

Inch by inch, Ohio Citizen, the truth is revealed.

FirstEnergy admits that it is "Company A"

The Energy and Policy Institute announced on Friday that FirstEnergy admitted in federal court that it funded Generation Now, effectively confirming that it is "Company A" in the federal criminal case against former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder.

This disclosure was in response to a class action RICO lawsuit filed by Ohio ratepayers.

The first time we saw this amazing graphic by The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, we thought it looked like a web, but an editorial by the Plain Dealer this Sunday brought the realization - they're tentacles.

The tentacles binding Gov. Mike DeWine to FirstEnergy run deep 

The Plain Dealer editorial board wrote, "the facts in this tangle of alleged pay to play, dark-money influence, political arm-twisting and a pipeline of utility favors extending from FirstEnergy’s Akron headquarters right into the heart of Ohio governance and regulation can’t be ignored."

The tentacles reach right into the Governor's residence. Public records obtained by the Associated Press show that Sam Randazzo, PUCO chair, met with Larry Householder and Governor Mike Dewine in April 2019. They met at Dewine’s residence for an “energy discussion” and House Bill 6 was introduced the very next day.

Eight months after FBI arrest legislators plan to debate whether Householder should remain in office

The House likely has the 66 votes needed to expel Householder, according to State Rep. Mark Frazier, R-Newark. 

House Republicans have 64 members – 63 if you take Householder out of the equation – which means at least three Democrats need to vote for expulsion. A spokesman for House Democrats said all 35 members would vote yes, so Republicans only need to bring 31 votes. We will be sure to let you know what happens.