CINCINNATI-  Carolyn’s two businesses, NuVoodoo Media Services and G&B Strategic Political Consulting, keep her very busy channeling her research, social media, marketing and public relations expertise to a variety of businesses and non-profit clients. However, she still makes time to volunteer with the Ohio Citizen Action board, her congregation and she serves on the Executive Committee of the Cincinnati chapter of the American Jewish Committee. 

She’s also very active politically, working for reproductive freedom, the environment, voting rights, human rights, separation of church and state and generally protecting our democratic republic. Her activism is motivated by an awareness of this moment in history. “Now is no time for bystanders”, she says.   

She says joining the Ohio Citizen Action board appealed to her because she sees “good people doing good work”. Also, she was nominated by her friend Josh Sands to replace him, as he planned to leave Ohio and “I couldn’t refuse.”

She spends her precious spare time visiting with family and friends, knitting, listening to audio books, streaming video and walking her adorable pup Lucy.