We're gathering signatures to put a Fair Wage initiative on the ballot for the November 2024 election in Ohio. The initiative would raise the state minimum wage to $15/hour, and end subminimum wages for tipped workers, workers with disabilities, and youth. 

In Ohio, the subminimum wage for tipped workers is just $5.05 an hour, which leaves many workers, largely women, immigrants, and people of color subject to harassment and discrimination due to the reliance on tips.

The One Fair Wage policy would require all employers to pay the full minimum wage with fair, non-discriminatory tips on top, thus lifting millions of tipped and subminimum wage workers out of poverty. Check what a living wage In your county Is at https://livingwage.mit.edu/

The initiative is being driven by a large coalition of organizations, led by One Fair Wage, Ohio Organizing Collaborative, Red Wine and Blue, and many more groups at the intersection of community, labor and faith.