Wind industry says Ohio’s proposed turbine ‘incident’ reporting rules are too vague

a wind farm

"Ohio’s wind industry could soon face more hurdles to siting and producing wind farms if regulators approve new rules on building codes and incident reporting. 

The proposed rules would require various components of wind farms to comply with building code regulations. They also call for prompt reporting of 'incidents' at wind farms, as well as regulatory approval before facilities start up again after those events.

The building code requirements 'state the obvious and should not be controversial,' said lawyer John Stock in comments filed with the Ohio Power Siting Board in July on behalf of wind farm opponents. Stock represents opponents in various cases dealing with individual wind farms. He has also represented the Murray Energy coal company in regulatory proceedings.

But the proposed rules present multiple problems, according to industry and environmental advocates."

- Kathiann M. Kowalski, Energy News Network

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