Wind Energy decision must be revoked

Ohio’s energy policy under Governor Mike DeWine includes a new “clean air” program that propped up a super-polluting coal plant and an offshore wind farm “approval” that actually blocks the new wind farm.

The Ohio Power Siting Board ruled last Thursday that the Icebreaker Wind project on Lake Erie could move forward, but only if blades on the demonstration project’s six turbines are turned off every night for eight months of the year.

Ohio Power Siting Board’s chairman Sam Randazzo is a longtime representative of the fossil fuel industry and vocal critic of renewables.

This decision has sparked outrage from clean energy advocates and a couple of blistering editorials:

The Columbus Dispatch: Another misguided vote to keep Ohio’s energy dirty

"As long as the state government is controlled by lawmakers who put the fossil fuel industry and its campaign contributions ahead of smart energy policy, Ohio will remain left out of the clean-energy economy of the future."

The Cleveland Plain DealerOhio siting board’s poison pill to kill pioneering Lake Erie wind project shows a state in thrall to major energy interests

"When it comes to energy in Ohio, there’s always a whiff of wrongdoing in the air. And the smell can almost always be traced to the vicinity of Broad and High streets in Columbus, where various state officials have for decades cared more about serving electricity and coal interests than the citizens of Ohio."

At a time when local governments and the state are in financial crisis, Ohio just missed another opportunity to add 500 jobs and $253 million in economic development.

Please ask Governor DeWine to revoke this terrible decision!

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