What We Do

We succeed one door at a time!

Ohio Citizen Action has pioneered many of the approaches and techniques now widely followed by citizens groups across the nation. Our campaigns use the power of community organizing to convince major industries to prevent pollution at their facilities. We even wrote the handbook on Good Neighbor Campaigns.

Are we effective? Yes! We helped convince American Municipal Power to cancel plans for building a new coal plant along the Ohio River in Meigs County. The area currently has four coal plants within a 12 mile radius. On mountaintop removal, we were part of a coalition that won a policy change which would allow few, if any, new mountaintop removal permits to be approved. We convinced Ohio State University President Gordon Gee to step down from the board of Massey Energy, the coal company leading the charge to extract coal from our Appalachian Mountains by blowing the tops off of them.

Today, our campaigns literally dot the map. Their success relies on individuals just like you who go into neighborhoods, petitioning, fundraising, dropping off information, and recruiting members and volunteers. We’ve made over 8.5 million front porch visits in our years of serving Ohio. We know that’s what keeps us growing and vital, and what makes our work a success.

We are currently working on transitioning Ohio away from burning coal for electricity and toward greater energy efficiency and use of renewable energy. We think this is one of the most important issues we could be working on because our success will mean lower electric bills, cleaner air and water, better public health and a stronger economy.

If these are goals you agree with, why not work with us?

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