We Cannot Lag Behind the Rest of the World

As a lifelong Ohioan I have been here through the ups and downs, and it is about time we pick up our feet on environmental policy. Growing up near Akron I now have lifelong asthma due to the horrible air quality here and have first hand experience on how our terrible environmental standards ruin the beauty of the nature around us.

I love Ohio and hate to see such irresponsible energy policy corrupt our environment. Thats why the Energy Jobs and Justice act needs to be passed so that we don't have to let another generation suffer through bad air quality and declining environment. This act will greatly reduce our carbon emissions (50% by 2030) and in addition will open up hundreds of new jobs in the renewable, clean energy sector.

As Ohioans we need to do better. We cannot lag behind the rest of the world and leave future generations with the burden of climate change.

Eleanor Webb

Cleveland, OH