Twin Ohio bills could thwart future solar and wind development

OHIO –– "Senate Bill 52 and House Bill 118 expand on themes from a failed 2019 bill that would have let 8% of voters in an area demand a referendum after Ohio Power Siting Board approval of wind farm projects, thus delaying or effectively cancelling the projects.

'It’s HB 401 all over again, but now solar is included,' said Neil Waggoner, Ohio representative for the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign. 'It’s another attempt to really slow down or stop the investment in and transition to renewable energy in the state.'

The new bills would apply to solar and wind farms but not nuclear power plants or any kind of fossil fuel projects. Developers would have to give 30 days’ prior notice to local governments before filing with the power siting board for any new wind or solar project. The bills also would apply to most modifications, such as changes to spacing or height."

–– Kathiann M. Kowalski, Energy News Network 

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