There’s a lot of important stuff in Ohio House Bill 6 besides the nuclear bailout

COLUMBUS — "...there are a lot of other things HB 6 does in addition to the nuclear bailout, including offer subsidies to specific coal and solar plants around the state, dismantle the state’s green-energy standards for utilities, and allow FirstEnergy Corp. and other utilities to lock in a guaranteed level of ratepayer revenue for years to come.

HB6 has a grab-bag of other measures as well. It allows county fairs to halve their yearly electric bills, makes more mid-sized wind farms exempt from property taxes and puts them under local control, and requires Ohio to spend a larger portion of federal grant money for low-income heating assistance on home weatherization work instead of bill assistance.

Lawmakers will have to decide the fate of all of these elements.

Here’s more on the lesser-known parts of House Bill 6, including how the controversial law is already affecting you (and your bank account)"

— Jeremy Pelzer,

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