The media was on our side on HB6

House Bill 6 was supposed to be easy to pass. In the end it took our opposition an extra month and a huge effort to win by just one vote. The media was on our side. The public was on our side. The strength of our members and power of grassroots organizing almost defeated the Goliath of greed and corruption.

It is simply astonishing to see the sheer number of articles, commentary and editorials published against House Bill 6. Not only while the bill was being debated in the legislature, but even after Governor Mike DeWine signed HB6 into law, every major newspaper continued to report on how HB6 is a giant leap backward for Ohio:


Editorial: A giant leap backward for Ohio's energy and economyThe Columbus Dispatch, 7/25/2019

Beacon Journal/ editorial board: One clean deed in House Bill 6Akron Beacon Journal, 7/24/2019

Opinion: Ohio House Bill 6 is a trip to throwback mountain- Crain's Cleveland Business, 7/25/2019

Editorial: Legislature acted too quickly on Pleasants bailout- Huntington Herald Dispatch, 7/26/2019

Guest opinion: A giant leap backward for Ohio's energy and economy- New Philadelphia Times Reporter, 7/26/2019

Ohio just passed the worst energy bill of the 21st century- Vox, 7/27/2019

Crain's editorial: The Ohio advantage- Crain's Cleveland Business, 7/28/2019

Ohio Goes 'Old School' With Energy Law- WOSU Public Media, 7/26/2019

Thumbs Down- Crain's Cleveland Business, 7/29/2019

Editorial: The more you learn, the worse House Bill 6 looks- Columbus Dispatch, 8/2/2019

FirstEnergy gets bailout, then socks it to workers- Youngstown Vindicator, 8/16/2019

The conflicting aims of HB 6 opponents add up to bad news for Ohioans-, 9/5/2019

Our Home — Ohio bails out 'dirty energy'- Athens Messenger, 8/25/2019

Editorial: Early start to HB 6 ad wars portends misinformation to come- Columbus Dispatch, 8/29/2019

Column: Fear of foreigners no reason to support plant bailout law- The Columbus Dispatch, 9/1/2019

Scare ads drumming up an imagined foreign menace are old hat. So is the power of Ohio's utility lobby.- Cleveland Plain Dealer, 9/3/2019

Column: Fight ramps up to keep voters away from bailout bill- The Columbus Dispatch, 9/8/2019

Editorial: Don't believe the garbage put out by foes of HB 6 referendum- The Columbus Dispatch, 9/13/2019

Alan Miller: Fellow Ohioans dish up lies to scare you away from petitions, voting  The Columbus Dispatch, 9/15/2019

Theodore Decker: Who's really running Ohio's power plants?- The Columbus Dispatch, 9/15/2019

End the damaging and precedent-setting anti-HB-6-referndum overkill – Cleveland Plain Dealer, 9/19/2019

Don't believe the ads- Ironton Tribune, 9/24/2019

Guest view: Intimidating petitioners? Knock it off- Columbus Monthly, 10/3/2019

Are the Chinese taking over Ohio's energy grid? No, say the people who run the grid.- Cincinnati Enquirer, 10/1/2019

Editorial: Intimidating petitioners? Knock it off- Canton Repository, 10/1/2019

FirstEnergy, disavow aggressive tactics against anti-HB6 petition circulators-, 10/2/2019

Column: Democratic votes helped GOP start political war on HB 6- Columbus Dispatch, 10/7/2019

Editorial: Campaign built on deceit undermines democracy in Ohio- The Columbus Dispatch, 10/4/2019

Intimidation in politics is always wrong, The Vindicator, 10/6/2019