We stand together with Ohio voters as champions of democracy, celebrating a resounding victory for personal freedom. With an unwavering commitment to the principles of individual choice and liberty, Ohio voters spoke loud and clear. Turnout numbers demonstrate that Ohioans are starting to pay more attention to the overreach of our elected officials. In the 2022 August special election only 8% of the electorate showed up to the polls compared with 39% in the 2023 August election and 48% in November's election.

After working to help secure a resounding victory in August that preserved the principle of one person—one vote, Ohio Citizen Action made a victory on Issue 1 a priority. Throughout the campaign, our staff knocked on more than 60,000 doors, made nearly 100,000 phone calls, and urged voters to engage in the democratic process by making a plan to vote and supporting Issue 1 in November.

We heard stories from those who had been personally impacted by heart-wrenching decisions and impossible choices. We also heard stories from those who had witnessed the nightmare results that occurred years ago before access to reproductive health care was legal. Everyone had their own reasons for their vote.

Ohioans were pelted with a flurry of misinformation and outright lies leading up to Election Day. But as we have seen many times in the past, Ohio voters are informed and are willing to do their homework. They understood that at the heart of this issue was a clear decision: Do you want to protect your right to make your own reproductive health decisions or are you willing to hand over that power to the government?

Watch a heartfelt "Thank You" video from your fellow Ohioans 

We talked to so many voters every day about why it was important for them to turn out for this issue. We are so grateful to our dedicated staff:

Thank you, Ohio, for your dedication to democracy and commitment to safeguarding personal freedom. Together, we have achieved a historic victory that will resonate for generations to come.

With your support we can make an even greater impact and secure a future where personal freedom and democracy are upheld and celebrated. 

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