Texts Reveal How Randazzo gave FirstEnergy Inside Help

We now have a peek into the specifics of what Randazzo did on FirstEnergy’s behalf

Newly unconvered texts reveal that Sam Randazzo overruled PUCO staff and commissioners to help FirstEnergy, as well as block a report that may have probed whether ratepayer money was wrongfully used to fund a $60 million bribe to help pass the scandal-ridden House Bill 6.

The Ohio Consumers’ Counsel obtained Jones’ text message by successfully asking the PUCO to subpoena the record. Ohio law grants the PUCO subpoena powers. 

The evidence just keeps piling up that the PUCO has not been looking out for Ohio consumers, particularly where FirstEnergy is concerned.

It's obvious we need to repeal ALL of HB6 and that includes the OVEC coal plant subsidies.

Here's what you can do to help

Call the members of the House Public Utilities Committee 

Urge them to pass House Bill 351 - it will repeal one of the last pieces of corrupt House Bill 6 and refund money to consumers.

Please call one or all of these members of the committee -even if they're not your representative.

  • ​​Rep. Sharon Ray (614) 466-8140
  • Rep. Rick Carfagna (614) 466-1431
  • Rep. Jason Stevens (614) 466-1366
  • Rep. Jim Hoops (614) 466-3760
  • Rep. Tom Patton (614) 466-4895
  • Rep. Bob Young (614) 466-1790

The OVEC coal subsidy, worth $153,000,000 so far to the companies that own the plants, is still on the books. 

The OVEC bailout costs us $233,000 a day in subsidies for two 66-year-old coal plants — including one that isn’t even in Ohio.

Watch the hearing on HB 351, the OVEC repeal this Wednesday 

It should be a spicy hearing due to the fact that a panel of the three utilities defending OVEC will be testifying together.

If you're unable to watch it live, The Ohio Channel will archive the hearing so that you can watch it at your convenience.

Thanks for taking action!

Ohio Citizen Action

P.S. Please contribute and help us root out this corrupt law once and for all.