The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has proven that access to water, power, and the internet are human rights essential to preserving the health and safety of all Ohio residents. We are grateful for the work that the Governor has done so far to ensure that households have access to utility services. The State must go further, however, to ensure that households continue to have access to these essential services during the pandemic, and to lessen the financial burden mnay households are experiencing as COVID-19 takes its toll.

Governor DeWine must take action to implement policies that:

1. Extend utility shutoff moratoriums for 90 days beyond Ohio's State of Emergency

2. Provide financial relief to those who have been hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic

3. Provide additional funding for long-term investments in affordable energy bills

Enacting such policies will ensure that our state is prepared to protect its residents now and spur economic recovery in the future.

The State of Ohio has an opportunity to ensure we survive the COVID-19 pandemic—and future crises—with dignity. Maintaining utility service and providing affordability for households is an essential step.

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