Taylor is a dedicated activist and organizer with over eight years of experience in the social justice realm. With a background in art therapy and community mental health, Taylor transitioned into voter engagement and political activism during the 2020 presidential election and helped swing the state of Pennsylvania. She has since specialized in reproductive freedom and gender and racial justice, and demonstrated a deep commitment to empowering communities and fostering positive change.

Taylor loves mentoring new organizers, utilizing deep canvassing techniques, and championing the rights of working class Ohioans. In 2022, Taylor worked on the organizing team for Morgan Harper's U.S. Senate campaign in Ohio, then spent two years working with Supermajority in Pennsylvania, focusing on amplifying women's voices and advocating for progressive policies. Taylor is happy to be back in her home state, and is enthusiastic about continuing her work for a better future for her community. Outside of work, Taylor loves spending time with her partner and their dog Nixie, being outdoors, writing, art, and traveling.