We raised $36,959 of our $30,000 goal for our Spring Campaign.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! To the incredible supporters of Ohio Citizen Action who generously contributed to our Spring Campaign, we're deeply grateful. You make our work possible. And if you've been meaning to give but haven't gotten around to it yet, it's never too lateWe welcome contributions anytime.

On March 22, 2024 we set some audacious goals. We had only about five weeks to find office space, hire Canvass Directors and buy vehicles to get organizers into the field to register, engage and turn out voters for the November election.

We are on track to open new permanent field offices in Cincinnati and Toledo, plus a seasonal field office in Dayton

Not only did we surpass our $30K goal, we hired four out of the five new field directors we need to lead our staff, got some new wheels, and found office space in Cincinnati. (We're still on the look out for space in Toledo and Dayton.)

We've got new wheels

We extend a special thank you to Pat and Bill Hanavan for their generous donation of a new-to-us Prius. Their contribution not only provides our canvassers with efficient means of transportation but also strengthens our ability to reach voters effectively, ensuring every voice is heard and every doorstep is reached. Please let us know if you have a new or used vehicle you would like to donate.

This Spring and Summer our canvassers will be branching out across Ohio educating people about the upcoming election; registering people to vote; and explaining recent changes to Ohio’s voter ID laws. We're hiring field organizers. Do you know anyone who wants to make a difference while making a living? Please tell them to apply.

Looking Ahead: Our Strategic Plan

Ohio Citizen Action and OCA Education Fund are proud to unveil our strategic plan for the next four years. Our goals are ambitious, reflecting the gravity of the challenges we face—from threats to democracy to climate change and government accountability. As we forge ahead, we extend our deepest gratitude to our staff, volunteers, allies, and members who have been instrumental in our journey so far.

Onward, Together!