Robert Park

RobertCINCINNATI — Robert Park has spent much of his professional life on occupational health research, giving him a practical focus for his knowledge of biology and toxicology, as well as his analysis and writing skills. He’s conducted many studies, published many papers and even provided technical support on a water contamination lawsuit all in the service of a less-toxic environment and better health. His training and profession provides an excellent foundation for understanding and critically evaluating social policy and helping define a vision that informs a road-map to the future.

He’s been a social-justice activist since participating in student opposition to the Vietnam War in college, has advocated for single-payer healthcare and participated in the Sierra Club Miami Group, Ohio Chapter. He’s also been a member of Ohio Citizen Action since first giving at this door in 1993.

When asked why he’s joining the board, Bob said, “After many years of activism on progressive issues and learning about how society works, and then observing the simultaneous collapse of our political system (which was pretty bad to begin with) and the explosive growth of alt realities on social media, I decided it’s time to get involved in talking to the people again, the way Ohio Citizen Action does.”

In his spare time, Bob enjoys sustainable gardening, outdoor activities including walking, biking, kayaking and cross country skiing.