Protect Ohio, not AEP, Gov. DeWine

Thousands of Ohioans like you have contacted Governor Mike DeWine and Lt. Gov. Jon Husted complaining about their lack of leadership following the HB6 scandal and their refusal to reject campaign cash from regulated utilities.

This week’s Crime with DeWine video features young people reading snippets of these letters sent to the Governor and making a call of their own for the DeWine Administration to do their jobs and stand up for Ohioans.

More intentional power outages are on the horizon as temperatures climb this summer, and with the news that AEP gave Governor Mike DeWine $13,000 in campaign contributions, we need the DeWine administration to protect the public, not AEP.

Ohioans, young and old, are counting on it.

We hope you will take a moment to watch this week’s Crime with DeWine video and send Governor DeWine a message today.

University Heights joins Power A Clean Future Ohio

University Heights is officially the 32nd PCFO Community! Their city council passed the resolution on June 21 with unanimous support. 

Change truly happens at the local level! There are huge opportunities for cities to partner with Power a Clean Future Ohio to increase and accelerate their climate actions. While there is still so much to do, in many cities across Ohio this work is already underway thanks to your support.


We are extremely grateful to everyone who contributed to help fund our Crime with DeWine campaign so far. Because of you, we were able to raise more than $16,805 from 511 contributors to bring our message to the Governor's doorstep.