Portsmouth residents will vote on energy choice this November

We are thrilled to announce that Portsmouth,Ohio will have community choice aggregation on the ballot this November. This will give residents the power to purchase electricity from a supplier as a group, helping families save money.
In spring 2021, Portsmouth City Council passed legislation to join Power A Clean Future Ohio to move the city toward becoming a more energy-efficient and sustainable community, and if this initiative is adopted, it will certainly aid in reaching that goal.
Community members are excited about this opportunity, including a lifelong resident and clean energy advocate, Jerald Gordon.
“Aggregation with clean energy in Portsmouth and other cities across Ohio will give me the opportunity to work in my community instead of out of state,” said Gordon. “Forward-minded citizens and new businesses have breathed life into Portsmouth, and I want to see that growth continue. It’s a new way of creating a clean energy future that provides for our community.”
Jeremy Burnside, a local attorney and business owner, also backs community choice aggregation.
“Community choice aggregation will allow residents and small businesses to have a choice in their energy,” Burnside said. “Providing energy choice shows our community, customers, and businesses that we are open to helping businesses grow and expand in today’s changing environment. Additionally, this could save residents money on their electric bills by allowing Portsmouth to purchase clean energy in bulk.”
Learn more about Portsmouth's new ballot initiative 'Yes for Clean Energy Choice' here. If you missed the 'Yes For Clean Energy Choice" press conference held August 25, you can view the livestream here.