Ohio lawmaker proposes delaying House Bill 6 subsidies for nuclear power plants

Rep. Jim Hoops
Rep. Jim Hoops

"Hoops, [chairman of the House Select Committee on Energy Policy and Oversight] doesn't support a full repeal of House Bill 6.

'There were some good things I feel that were in the bill,' Hoops said. 'I think we want to keep the nuclear plants here in Ohio.'

Ohio Citizen Action responded to the filing of House Bill 798.

'Delaying the collection of nuclear and solar subsidies for a year does little more than kick the can down the road for Ohio consumers,' Rachael Belz, executive director of Ohio Citizen Action, said.

'If the Legislature can acknowledge that House Bill 6 is so flawed that implementation should be on hold for a year, they should finally demonstrate the leadership we are all waiting for and repeal House Bill 6 outright before the end of session.'"

Highland County Press 

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