Ohio Citizen Action endorses Issue 1 - Columbus Aggregation

COLUMBUS -- At a press conference today, Ohio environmental experts and advocates launched the YES on Columbus Community Choice Aggregation Campaign (Issue 1). Ohio Citizen Action enthusiastically endorses Issue 1 because of both its near and long-term benefits for Columbus area residents, businesses, jobs and the environment. The issue has gained the endorsement of 10 major environmental group and we urge Columbus voters to pass Issue 1 in November.

“Our members are happy to see Columbus get on the aggregation bandwagon,” said Rachael Belz, executive director, Ohio Citizen Action. “OCA strongly supports passage of Issue 1 because it just makes sense: affordability for consumers and job creation for Columbus that also results in cleaner air and water. This will be the largest aggregation program in the Midwest, showing other major cities how good policy is done with community support. It’s time to pass Issue 1!”

For even more information on Issue 1: https://www.yesforissue1.com