Ohio SB 52 subjects renewable energy projects to a new layer of government regulation in addition to the state process not applied to any other source.

The bill adds tremendous new political risk to energy infrastructure projects that will deter investors from providing the upfront capital needed to build projects. SB 52 acts as an effective moratorium on wind and solar energy production. In a clear double-standard, SB 52 ensures that this type of policy only impacts renewable energy projects in Ohio. 

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I strongly oppose SB 52 and HB 118. Here's why:

  • Anti-Economic Development: The market for solar and wind is creating great economic opportunity in rural Ohio, allowing landowners, school districts, and political subdivisions to share in a new prosperity. The state should not erect political barriers to these benefits.

  • Anti-Consumer: By artificially restricting supply, the bills drive up electricity costs. The legislation targets certain resources at the expense of a prudent, diversified portfolio.

  • Anti-Business: Ohio companies across sectors are increasingly choosing to obtain fixed-cost renewables. These bills dramatically hinder their ability to exercise energy choice, manage their energy costs, and take control of their energy future.

  • Anti-Certainty: The bills set a troublesome precedent whereby infrastructure projects are politicized, and will have a chilling effect on future projects of all kinds.

  • Retroactive: The legislation is written to apply to projects already pending at the Siting Board or pending for a local permit. Companies have spent millions of dollars to get to this point in good faith reliance on current law. SB 52 pulls the rug out from under them and may well violate the prohibition on ex post facto laws.

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