My Generation is the Future

My first time voting was in the 2016 presidential election and I was 18 years old. I remember my mom taking me to the polls and voting alongside me. I also remember questioning why I was the youngest person in the building, maybe it was just a coincidence. However, after seeing the turn-out for 18-25 year olds, I questioned why more young people did not vote. My generation is the future of our country and taking politics seriously and educating yourself on the issue is of utmost importance. As I got older, I continually had discussions with friends and family  about politics, but when I asked them if they voted, the response was almost always no. Our government works best when all the people participate and in college, I started to join groups that encouraged young voters to register to vote and get to the polls. 
When I heard about the shortage of poll workers this year, due to the pandemic, there was no question, I had to do my civil duty and volunteer. For me, working at the polls is not only a great opportunity, but an honor. I know I will have a positive impact on having a fair election and keeping the most vulnerable people in my community safe. I hope to set an example for other 18-25 year olds by working at the polls this year by simply showing up and helping my community in this unprecedented time. I am excited to see my fellow Geauga County voters of all ages cast their vote on November 3rd! 
Sophie Kocheff 
Senior Field Organizer, Ohio Citizen Action