Most of us don’t have $61 million to spend

Over the past few months, members like you have signed petitions, made phone calls, written letters, and recorded videos demanding that Gov. DeWine listen to the people and reject utility campaign contributions.

Instead, Governor DeWine and Lieutenant Governor Husted continue to take money from the same utility companies that brought us House Bill 6 and shut off the power for hundreds of thousands of families during last month’s life-threatening heat waves. Most of us don’t have $61 million to spend on campaign contributions.

In April alone, Governor DeWine took $13,000 from AEP, Ohio's largest electric utility 

Governor DeWine has the power to end this culture of corruption at the Public Utilities Commission. Instead, he chooses to profit from it while all of us are left in the dark.

Don’t let Governor DeWine off the hook 

Call him today (614) 644-4357

Even better, send us a video of you doing it (upload here)!

PUCO hearing last Wednesday

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio hosted a hearing last week about this month’s AEP blackouts. Ohioans are feeling the full impact of our state’s poor energy policy decisions. Tragically, the shutoffs and outages hit low-income, non-white neighborhoods especially hard. This is why we need the Energy Jobs & Justice Act!

AEP officials appeared before the PUCO to discuss this month's electric power outages. The meeting was open to the public and is available to watch now on the PUCO’s YouTube channel.

7 things leaders should do to get serious

Janine Migden-Ostrander, an Institute for Energy Democracy Fellow at Pace University’s Law School, Energy and Climate Center is the former Ohio Consumers’ Counsel. Janine lays out seven common-sense steps Ohio leadership can take to protect customers, assure grid reliability and make energy is more affordable: