Map: Where the Householder, FirstEnergy money went

Larry Householder is surrounded by press as he is detained by FBI agents.

"Through Householder’s campaign, Growth & Opportunity PAC and Hardworking Ohioans, Inc. (both of which federal investigators say the former speaker controlled) and FirstEnergy PAC, candidates in all but 15 of Ohio’s 99 House districts got help, either in donations or attack ads against their opponents.

Friends of Householder doled out $417,922 to 34 Republican members or candidates.

Growth & Opportunity PAC spent $2.6 million, including $1.4 million that can be traced to political ads and mailers in 25 House districts.

FirstEnergy PAC has donated nearly $500,000 to both parties since 2017, sometimes backing multiple candidates in 83 House districts. Some lawmakers are now donating the FirstEnergy money to charity."

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