Let's Get Behind the Energy Jobs & Justice Act!

My wife and I attended a fundraiser for a Congressional candidate last week. He pointed out that renewable energy accounts for approximately 10% of America’s energy sources (actually only 3% in Ohio). Experts state that if we increase that to 20% in the next several years, a lot of the oil politics that dominate our news cycles and affect us personally may be a thing of the past.
If we can reduce our dependency on others, producing all the power we need here at home, we would be creating energy independence which would go a long way to reducing the current inflation and we can remove our heavy, carbon footprint on the Earth.

It is for these reasons and others that I support the Energy Jobs and Justice Act (house Bill 429. Its passage would facilitate Ohio expanding its use of solar and wind energy sources which would lessen the burden of coal, oil, and gas. The bill would ensure much-needed accountability and transparency with the Public Utilities Commission, and it would invest millions per year in workforce development and contractor equity by directing resources to Ohio communities that have historically faced disinvestment and will draw in billions per year of new private workforce investment in Ohio.
I encourage all citizens of Ohio to encourage their State Representatives to vote yes on this bill.

Mark Jaffee

Oberlin, OH