Lawmakers conflicted over repealing law at heart of scandal

COLUMBUS — "Gov. Mike DeWine has called on lawmakers to swiftly act to undo House Bill 6. He signed the bill into law last year and still supports the policy behind it. But he argues that the $1 billion bailout has been tainted by the revelations detailed in a federal indictment of what allegedly went on behind the scenes to get HB 6 across the finish line.

...But the commissioners of Ottawa and Erie counties, where the two plants are located, called on lawmakers to leave the law in place. Together, they directly employ about 1,400 people.

'While we detest any alleged illegal or unethical activity before, during, or after the enactment of the legislation, we certainly believe the policy outcomes were of great benefit not only to our counties, but also to all Ohioans,' they said in a joint statement on Monday.

'If the former House speaker or ‘dark money’ contributors were coordinating illegal behind-the-scenes activities, they should be punished in accordance with federal and state laws,' they said.

Mr. DeWine wants lawmakers to openly debate and enact a replacement law."

-- Jim Provance, Toledo Blade

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