Kitchen Table Talk

We recently released a new video that features our own Development Officer Melissa English and Cincinnati resident Alison Kromer discussing the House Bill 6 scandal, Governor DeWine's lack of leadership in response, and what needs to be done to clean up corruption at the PUCO.

Two months ago we launched Crime with DeWine to call on Governor DeWine and Lt. Governor Husted to reject regulated electric utility campaign contributions and spearhead reforms at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). 

It's been three years since Ohio lawmakers first introduced HB 6

Much of House Bill 6, the power plant bailout legislation now at the heart of the largest corruption case in Ohio's history, remains on the books.

Kathianne Kowalski from the Energy News Network reports how the HB 6 corruption crisis was both enabled and perpetuated by factors that erode democracy:

Dark money helped Ohio utilities subsidize coal plants, delaying action on climate change at ratepayers’ expense

It's time for Governor Mike DeWine to lead

Thanks to HB6, Ohioans will pay more on our electric bills every single month through 2030 to bail out OVEC coal plants. Customers get nothing in return.

"The most important and direct thing that Ohio can do to fight climate change and air pollution is to end the ridiculous subsidies which Ohioans are paying to keep two coal-burning power plants in operation."

Mark Wallach, Shaker Heights, letter to the editor, 

Why has the DeWine administration failed to support more wind, solar, and other forms of clean, renewable energy? Why do we continue to pay with our wallets and our health for two failing coal plants?