Help us melt Governor DeWine's heart about winter utility shutoffs

For so many people who are struggling, the upcoming holiday season means colder weather and higher heating bills, putting them at risk of having their utilities shutoff in the middle of a pandemic.

Governor DeWine has always said that caring for families is a priority for him. That means ALL families, especially those who are struggling to make it through the winter without basic utilities like heat, water, light, and internet.

So, with our partners at Communities United for Action, we're doing a drive for holiday letters to Governor DeWine. We know that he's moved by stories from families and children, so we're urging everyone to ask their kids to write a letter to Gov. DeWine asking him to grant a simple holiday wish--that every Ohioan be guaranteed basic utilities this winter.

Participate by completing these three easy steps:

1. Ask your kids to write or draw letters to Gov. DeWine saying they want all families to have heat, water, light, power, etc. for the holidays.

2. Post a picture of the letter on social media with the hashtag #NoShutoffs ​​​​​​and tag Gov. DeWine.
3. Send your letter to our Cincinnati office at 2016 Ferguson Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45238. Send your letters ASAP to minimize delays!

With our partners at Communities United for Action, we'll deliver the letters to the Governor. We may even feature your letters on our social media.

Thank you for making a difference and Happy Holidays!