How Sam Randazzo defines a bribe

Sam Randazzo has his own definition of a bribe. The former Chairman of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio resigned in November 2020 following an FBI raid of his Columbus home. In an op-ed written by Randazzo in 2013, he referred to Ohio’s successful renewable energy and energy efficiency standards as “consumer-supplied bribes” to get people to support and invest in clean energy sources and get on the “mandate bandwagon.”

Today however, bribes mean something quite different to Sam Randazzo. As a result of the settlement agreement reached with FirstEnergy following their orchestration of a $61 million scandal to pass House Bill 6 into law, the utility giant admitted in federal filings that they bribed Randazzo to help them craft House Bill 6 and stall a rate case that would have reduced revenues for the company.

Sam Randazzo now clearly understands the difference between investing in job growth and reduced emissions for Ohio and investing in your own personal bottom line. He understands the true meaning of a bribe.