House Bill 429 is a Vital Step for Ohio

As a mother raising my children in Ohio, our backwards energy policies are a cause for anxiety. Ohio families deserve better than pollution and high energy bills. That’s why I’m supporting House Bill 429: Energy Jobs and Justice Act.

If passed, HB429 will save Ohioans money by protecting energy customers against massive utility rate increases that drive up our energy bills. HB429 supports the development of clean energy businesses and job training programs in alternative energy industries that focus on energy waste reduction as well as investing in renewable energy like solar, wind, and geothermal energy.

Supporting these energy alternatives and their infrastructure in Ohio gives Ohioans the opportunity to create an in-demand workforce. Actively transitioning away from fossil fuels and updating our outdated power grid making it reliable, resilient, and secure.

House Bill 429 is a vital step for Ohio in improving our environment, saving Ohioans money, and creating clean energy jobs while working toward the goal of a 100% reduction in statewide greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Ohio families deserve a healthy environment, affordable clean energy, and the jobs that energy creates. I urge everyone to take this important step for Ohio and contact your representatives in support of House Bill 429: Energy Jobs and Justice Act.

Sarah Ricks

Canal Winchester, OH