For weeks we've been hearing from you about the petition to repeal HB 6. We know it's confusing and that people just want some simple answers, so here are the most common questions we get and their answers.

Q: Is Ohio Citizen Action collecting signatures for the HB 6 referendum?
A: No. If you sign our support statement when we come to your door, you have not signed the petition to put HB 6 on the ballot. They are different tools entirely.

Q: Can I sign online?
A: No. To help any issue get on the ballot, you must sign an official petition in person.

Q: Where can I sign?
A: Ohio Citizen Action is not directly involved with gathering signatures on that issue, so we are unable to say exactly where petition circulators will be. We recommend staying on the lookout for people with clipboards in any high foot traffic areas near your work or home, such as public libraries or town squares, or at any city or county-wide events.

Q: Why aren't the locations of petition circulators publicized?
A: Opposition to the referendum has hired "blockers" to prevent signature gathering and there are reports of blockers assaulting petitioners, so the group in charge of gathering signatures, Ohioans Against Corporate Bailouts, isn't advertising where their petitioners will be. 

Q: How can I get involved?
Ohioans Against Corporate Bailouts has agreed to send petition circulators to events that have 20+ people present. If you want to let us know where you're located, we can let you know if Ohio Citizen Action or one of our allies is hosting an event in your area. If you'd be interested in hosting a signature gathering event, leave us a note and we'll put you in touch with the appropriate person. Keep in mind, the effort to get an HB 6 repeal on the ballot ends October 21st.

Q: There's multiple petitions going around. How do I know if I'm signing the one to put HB 6 on the ballot?
A: The petition to put HB 6 on the ballot will say "NOTICE" at the top of each page, and beneath that will note that anyone who knowingly signs more than once or signs when not a qualified voter is liable to prosecution. It will also be printed vertically.
The support statements put out by Ohioans For Energy Security, who is opposed to the referendum, are not official petitions directed at state government. They will have a statement about keeping foreign entities out of Ohio's energy grid along the top and will state that they are supported by Ohioans For Energy Security. At the moment they are also being printed horizontally. You can see an example of an official petition in the photo below.