Follow the money

Ohio Citizen Action today released overviews of 2005-2006 campaign contributions to statewide officeholders. Governor Ted Strickland received $16 million, Attorney General Marc Dann $3 million, Treasurer Richard Cordray $2 million, Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner $1.8 million, and Auditor Mary Taylor $2 million. These campaign finance profiles include an overview of types of donors, large contributors, and money from the political parties. Two hundred fifty-six individuals contributed $10,000 or more and 25 individuals contributed $20,000 to Strickland. Twenty-six individuals contributed $10,000 or more to Dann, 13 to Cordray, 13 to Brunner, and 20 to Taylor.


The Money in Politics Project of the Ohio Citizen Action Education Fund analyzed contributions from January 1, 2005 through December 31, 2006, to the following: governor, attorney general, treasurer, auditor, and secretary of state. Totals include contributions from political action committees (PACs), labor unions, and individuals.

The database is based on the filings of candidates for statewide office, available in computerized form from the Ohio Secretary of State. These filings were submitted electronically by the candidate committees to the Secretary of State and are available on-line at The candidate committees were given an opportunity to review their candidate campaign finance profiles.

To identify the employers of contributors, the Ohio Citizen Action Education Fund used the following:

  1. Databases of architects, doctors, dentists, funeral directors and certified public accountants registered to do business in Ohio from the Ohio Division of Administrative Services,
  2. A database from the Ohio Supreme Court of attorneys in Ohio,
  3. A list of lobbyists in Ohio from the Joint Legislative Ethics Committee,
  4. A list of contributors to Political Action Committees in Ohio,
  5. Database of physicians provided by the American Medical Association,
  6. Database of attorneys provided by Martindale-Hubble.

For each candidate the total amount in this campaign finance database includes the following:

  • Contributions received
  • Contributions received at a social or fundraising event
  • In-kind contributions received
  • Contributions the candidate gave to his own campaign

The campaign finance profiles do not include Statement of Other Income, which includes interest, refunds, returns, and other non-contribution income.