Fairborn Joins PCFO

At this Tuesday’s City Council meeting, the City of Fairborn unanimously passed a resolution to join Power a Clean Future Ohio (PCFO), making them the 27th community.

The city plans to work with the PCFO team to identify energy efficiency solutions to save the city money and find new sources of grant funding for building improvements and clean transportation projects. 
City Manager Anderson said, “We look forward to working with Power A Clean Future Ohio, along with other cities and local governments to plan for the future of our community. We joined PCFO because they are able to bring several resources, experts, and additional information we can use without cost to the city. We will look for ways to save energy costs and plan for the future needs of our residents. I’m proud that our city council took advantage of this opportunity and recognized the importance of this first step which helps move us towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.”
Fairborn City Councilmember Tana Stanton said, “I’m proud that Fairborn has joined other neighboring communities such as Dayton, Yellow Springs, and Montgomery County to become the 27th community to join PCFO. We’re joining a distinguished group of leading cities and counties across the state and I look forward to working together and learning from one another. The environmental and economic challenges we are all facing require innovation and investment. Our work with PCFO will set us up to be successful in both.”
We look forward to how Fairborn will partner with the Power a Clean Future Ohio team to create a clean energy future for their community.