Take Action: Urge your legislators to pass equitable energy policy for Ohio.

Right now, Ohio is lacking a dynamic, thorough, and equitable energy plan that will move us into an affordable, clean energy future. We need a comprehensive energy policy that promotes a green economy in Ohio and improves accountability. 

We’re urging legislators to pass an equitable energy policy that will:

  1. Support a just transition to renewable energy for underserved Ohio communities.
  2. Ensure all electricity generated in Ohio is 100% carbon-free by 2050, and remove barriers to wind and solar development in Ohio.
  3. Remove undue utility influence over PUCO.

After decades of energy policy that largely favors utilities and fossil fuels, Ohio needs forward-looking solutions that are good for our economy, our communities, and our health. It's time for a comprehensive energy policy that promotes a green economy in Ohio.

The news of the bribery scandal surrounding House Bill 6 in 2020 unveiled deep corruption at a level previously unseen in the state of Ohio. In addition, it exposed deep structural flaws in the utility regulatory system and a utility landscape devoid of adequate oversight. It is clear that any legislative response to the House Bill 6 scandal must address the underlying monopoly utility culture that enabled the scandal and provide needed oversight to prevent future issues.

To date, the legislative response to the House Bill 6 scandal has focused almost exclusively on the bill’s individual policy provisions—nuclear subsidies, coal bailouts, renewable energy portfolio standards, energy efficiency, etc. Comparatively little attention has been paid to the structural reforms and safeguards needed to bring accountability, transparency, and equity to Ohio’s regulatory framework for monopoly utilities. We need energy policy that will correct this and bring the real change Ohioans want to see.